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Shields for Ringtail リングテイル用の盾作り

by David on 2010-11-02 (Tue) 13:29PM

Although we made great progress at Ringtail's games room recently, there are still several finishing touches to be completed. Two of these were the wall shields which would be hung either side of the (fake) deer head on the far wall. I managed to put these two shields together for about 600 yen each.


In this photo you can see one shield already completed (left). The plastic was 0.5mm acrylic sheet, roughly A3 in size. The shield designs were found on the resources section of the Warhammer Online site, and were each printed onto two sheets of A4 label paper. I needed thin plastic that could be curved into a sheld shape and easily cut with a cutting knife.


Next came the cutting of this block of wood, to give the shield its distinctive curve. Thick foam double-sided tape was applied to the curve side.


The back looked like this. You can also see a couple of staples sticking out of the back. These are for hanging the shields from picture hooks.

Despite using very sticky tape to atatch the blocks, I found the curved plastic kept peeling off. So I had to very carefully hammer in a tiny brass pin on each side of the shield. These were laid flat, and later painted to match the design colours.




All done. The two shields look fairly realistic (at a glance), which should be enough for their high location on the wall. Finished photos of Ringtail's room should be coming soon...


#5. Ringtail construction continues 工事の続き >>


カネちゃん   2010-11-04 (Thu) 10:16AM

Ross   2010-11-07 (Sun) 10:43AM
Look great mate. Awesome work

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